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What to take on a days walk

I get asked a lot what sort of things you need to take with you on a days walk, so I've put together a list!

  • Personal clothing; ideally good walking socks, quick drying trousers, conformable quick drying t-shirt and warm mid layer. 

  • Fully charged mobile phone

  • Map and compass (and know how to use them!)

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Warm hat and gloves in the winter, sunhat and sunglasses in the summer

  • A spare warm layer/fleece

  • Walking boots, or sturdy off road shoes. Go for boots in cold or wet weather or tougher terrain. 

  • Day rucksack, around 20 litres capacity is ideal

  • Drink bottle, minimum 1 litre (or a flask if weather is cold)

  • Lunch! In a bag or box.

  • Personal first aid kit; include plasters, paracetamol, blister plasters, any personal medication

  • High factor sunscreen and insect repellant in warm weather

  • If the weather is wet or changeable  a rucksack liner (e.g. dry bag) to keep the things in your bag dry and waterproof trousers

When I'm leading walks I tend to take more kit as I include a larger first aid kit and more water and snacks, just incase;

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