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Adam; 29th April 2019


I ran the whole way and didn’t walk once so I’m super proud of myself! Finished it in 4:52 which I think is great 👍 


Thanks so much for all the help and support. 

(Bespoke Marathon Training Plan)

Phillip; 23rd August 2019

I found the plan suited my routine really well and that the variety of workouts challenged me in a good way.  I also realised just how important a varied training routine is in both helping to improve and progress with your running ambitions.  I can definitely say that I have noticed a marked improvement in my general running fitness as a result of following the plan.

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Charles; 31st May 2019

The training plan definitely worked - managed 1.39 which is 20mins off my 1st half a year ago; 8 mins off the London Big Half in Feb (pre-training); and 3 mins off Hackney Half the weekend before. 


So many thanks!!  Will be in touch about the next plan - further and faster (before old age starts to work too much in the opposite direction!)! 

(Bespoke Half Marathon Training Plan)

Alice; 7th Oct 2019


Oh my goodness. I did it!!!!!! I am absolutely exhausted but feeling so proud of myself. I definitely could not have achieved what I have without your amazing training plan. Thank you soooooo much 😊😊😊😊

(Bespoke Ultra Marathon Training Plan)

Angela; 30th Oct 2016


Alexa has been my coach for the last two years and with her guidance and support, I have achieved some fantastic results and a few PBs! She came up with a training programme that was achievable and would fit in around my family and work commitments. Her advice and encouragement throughout my marathon training has been invaluable. 

Mary Carol; 5th Jan 2017

I have been working with Alexa as my coach for the last 2 years and have had great results! As a coach she is enthusiastic, involved and consistent. The comprehensive training plans that she puts together for me work with my home life. We review my training each week, and she tailors my plans based on my progress. She is readily available for questions, advice, and encouragement. I am really pleased with the results I’ve achieved with Alexa as my coach!

Kim; 16th July 2017


Alexa is a brilliant coach. I've never had coaching before (I've barely run before!) and Alexa put me at ease from the very start. I'm sure I couldn't have improved this much without her. The follow up emails were so helpful and helped me create a plan for each month. Thank you SO much Alexa. :-)


Very approachable, genuine and friendly. Just enough push! Very flexible on location and time and she seemed genuinely interested in my goals, achievements and experiences. It felt like a team effort!

Gary; 27th Sept 2017


The easiest thing is I don’t have to think about what I’m actually going to do! Alexa comes up with things that keep the variation and the interest going. I’ve always found it really difficult to vary my training and always end up doing the same thing again and again – having the plan written for me makes it a lot easier.

It’s worked really well, and I’ve enjoyed it and benefitted from it. I recently ran the Greifenseelauf Half Marathon in my fastest time for 4 and a half years and was pleased to get back under 2 hours. It’s a good example of how the training is helping me.

Read the full article here;

Richard; 21st Nov 2017

I really couldn't have done it without you

(Bespoke Plan for the Phoenix Riverside marathon)

Sarah; 11th Jun 2017

Just a quick note to say thank you and how brilliant my training plan is! I look forward to every run and since I started it i have had no injuries/niggles and I have achieved my fastest times at 1 mile, 5k, 10k and ran my 2nd fastest half marathon!

Full review here;

Dave; 25th April 2017


Alexa has been my coach since I joined the club. She has always been thoroughly professional and has always taken time after sessions if I've had any niggles or worse still injuries. I recently had an issue and after speaking to Alexa she suggested that maybe some gait analysis with smart phone camera just to see what was going on, it turns out that there's a lot going on but Alexa has suggested a few running drills and exercises to help me be a more balanced runner. I can't recommend Alexa "Haille" enough (running joke!) and look forward to her maybe even looking at a marathon training plan for the autumn.

Sam; 6th Sept 2017

Alexa, I can honestly say that such a large part of my success (at the UTMB TDS)  is down to you.  I loved being coached by you, your plans worked so well for me, it pushed me hard but didn't break me and I felt prepared and ready going into the race.  The taper was just perfect.  And testimony to this is the fact that a day after finishing I could walk!  I mean I could go up and down stairs and everything!!!  Apart from being super-tired in my head, my body is feeling great.  Compared to the first time I did the CCC when I had to sleep with pillows under my knees for a week!

Nev; 16th Oct 2017

A personal approach to individual needs.



Sarah; 18th Oct 2017


Can't put into words how good a decision I made getting in touch with We Run and getting a tailored training plan for my recent marathon, My 6th marathon and trying to beat by pb of 4:36. I followed the plan to the letter and came away with a new time or 4:18

Over the moon is an understatement. Thank you to We Run and Coach Alexa

Toby; 14th Nov 2016


Alexa has great experience and insight I would have never found out by myself. My speed is improving as well as my technique which is exactly what i wanted to achieve out of this coaching.

Zoe; 8th Jan 2018

Thank you very for my plan, it’s exactly what I was looking for. You’ve tailored it really well for me. Awesome! I’m excited now!


It makes me feel much more comfortable setting off on my marathon training too knowing it’s been written by an expert rather than me guessing it based on zero experience of marathons.


Thanks again, I’m glad I signed up for it, I’m well impressed

Katharine; 12th April 2018

I wanted to let you know that I ran a half marathon at the weekend and got a five minute PB! (1:54:36). I was just treating it as a fun race, didn't go in to it with any goal other than to have fun but felt great on the day and was able to push and sustain the pace much more than I could have imagined. I know a large part is due to the speedwork during the last few months so I wanted to thank you and share my achievement with you.

Keith; 16th April 2018


What did you value most about these sessions?  

The tailored approach and quick identification of adaptations to make to training

Any other comments?    

Very helpful and knowledgeable about targeting the improvements for target races

Lucy; 24th April 2018


Thank you so much Alexa for your help on Saturday. I feel like I’ve got a bit of confidence back and that there is hope!

(Running Coaching Session)

Sam; 16th April 2018

I think that did the trick! Just been for a 4 mile run and didn't ache and was able to run at a faster pace :)

I will still bare the stretches and posture in mind though so a good tip!

(Sports Massage)

Zoe; 26th April 2018

Really made a huge difference having a personalised plan as opposed to a generic one. Psychologically it has been really helpful. I didn't have to worry that I was training too hard or not hard enough. Coach Alexa really personalised it really well for me, I was so impressed when I received it. It really was tailored around every bit of info I provided her - my target time, my available times to run, the facts that I love a park run and doing weekday runs with my dog etc. Loved it!

Initially wasn't sure if it was worth paying for a plan but it 100% was worth it! Really has given me that extra confidence to take on my first marathon. The fact that it was personalised meant it was totally manageable for me but pushed me in my running at the same time.

Sam; 8th May 2018


A knowledgeable friendly and helpful coach. Some good stuff to work on to help with my 2nd half marathon.

Julian; 24th May 2018

After weeks of traning and following your 16 week training plan,i have completed the Liverpool Marathon 2018 in a new all time personal best of 6:04:31.My last marathon was the London Marathon 2017 in 7:25:51.

The plan has helped me get back to becoming stronger again, I'm now enjoying it a lot more again.

(bespoke training plan)

Howard; 11th June 2018


Alexa’s coaching was really interesting and useful – the slo-mo analysis was eye-opening, and she gave me some good pointers I’m trying to incorporate into my form. 

In fact it was so good I was thinking of buying an MOT for my wife for her birthday! I think she’d get lots out of it.

Jo; 19th June 2018

What did you value most about these sessions? Info about how to obtain my goals and running technique analysis


Any other comments? Very enjoyable session!

Mike; 2nd September 2018


What did you value most about these sessions?    The focus on improving speed, by giving me different exercises that can be used for training.

Any other comments?    Alexa was great to work with, very knowledgeable and made the sessions fun and engaging. I've gotten a lot out of the sessions and have learnt a lot I can apply to my training.

Chris; 8th August 2018


Thanks to Alexa for helping me on my road to recovery with my broken shoulder.  The sports massage sessions with her really helped to free up the muscles that had tightened up due to the injury.  She explained the physiology of the shoulder and stopped me worrying why my back and ribs were suddenly aching and gave me a couple of excellent exercises to free up the muscles.  She was professional, efficient, friendly and caring – she sees her patients as individuals rather than as a collection of symptoms.

Jonathan; 20th August 2018

What did you value most about this session?


Practical advice to implement immediately- and longer term. Was a fun session!

(Running Technique Analysis)

Tom; 14th September 2018

What did you value most about these sessions?    Great listener and outstanding knowledge of her subject matter.

Any other comments?    Well impressed. The best 1 on 1 session ever.

(Running Technique Analysis)

Laura; 26th September 2018


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the help and support you provided throughout my marathon training.


The training plans you built for me worked really well and thus proven with my amazing time :-)  


Thank you for always responding to my 'help' emails and being so positive with your response.


I honestly can't thank you enough!

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Sarah; 9th October 2018

Just to let you know, I finished the Chester Marathon on Sunday with a huge PB of 4.15! I didn't actually think I could ever run that fast so I'm really made up.


Thank you so much for the programme, definitely couldn't have done it without it. 

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Sarah; 9th October 2018

Just to let you know, I finished the Chester Marathon on Sunday with a huge PB of 4.15! I didn't actually think I could ever run that fast so I'm really made up.


Thank you so much for the programme, definitely couldn't have done it without it. 

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Sarah; 25th September 2018


Just to say a big thank you for helping me with my marathon training. It was great to get a plan especially for me and one that I really managed to stick with. 

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Lee; 1st October 2018

What did you value most about these sessions?    I am a details person and Alexa went into a lot of detail which has given me a lot of information to work from going forward.

Any other comments?    It was a very enjoyable session with excellent value. The use of the camera was eye-opening because it differed so much from what I imagined I looked like. There isn't as much work to do as first thought but plenty of area for improvement.

(Running Technique Analysis)

Liza; 15th October 2018


I feel totally amazing for having done it (first marathon). The weather was awful, wet and cold all the way round and my hips hurt like hell for a bit once I’d finished. I’m now on the sofa recovering but it was so worth all the hard work!


Thank you so much for all your help Alexa, I couldn’t have done it without you

(Bespoke Training Plan and ongoing support)

Richard; 1st November 2018


Great to meet you on Monday and for taking the time to go over everything. 


The video analysis was a great eye opener to conform the good (forward lean) and the bad (heel flick and chest rotation) which I had never realised before!


The report is a good read and gives me a base to improve in the next few weeks, and of course added motivation for winter training!

(Running Technique Analysis)

Anthea; 6th November 2018

What did you value most about these sessions? 1 to 1 focus, and Alexa's running specific expertise (not just general fitness).


Any other comments? Alexa is always very motivated and provides lots of positive feedback which makes you feel well supported.

(Face to Face Coaching Sessions)

Emma; 15th October 2018

4.07.43!!!!! Absolutely made up!!! Thank you so much, I could not have done it without your expert advice! 

(Online Coaching for first marathon)

Jenny; 5th November 2018

Thank you so much for all your advice, time and support. I could not have become a marathoner without you! 

(Online Coaching for first marathon)

Will; 22nd December 2018


Thanks again for the sessions we have had, I feel much more positive about my running now.

(One to One Coaching)

Angela; 12th February 2019


Thanks Alexa, that was a fantastic/horrendous massage! 😂

I can feel the difference in my foot already, you really do have magic hands.

(Sports Massage)

Vicki; 12th March 2019

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance over the past few months-none of what I have achieved would have been possible without your advice and support so thank you

(Online Coaching)

Steve; 10th April 2019


Thank you very much for all your help and assistance. Your plan was easy to follow & understand . I have enjoyed working through the plan, it’s been great, easily achievable. 

(Bespoke Marathon Training Plan)

Jen; 30th April 2019

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?

It worked to my (rather hectic) schedule, was achievable and it allowed me to have confidence on the race day. It was a really, good plan that I could easily work through and when I got a chest infection Alexa was on hand to advise me on how to stay on track.

Any other comments?

Excellent plan, excellent trainer - would highly recommend Alexa.

(Bespoke Marathon Training Plan)

Heather; 7th Oct 2019


Just to thank you for your help with my training. I ran the 10km in Bournemouth marathon festival and got a pb 1:03:22 so I'm delighted as this was not even my focus race!! 

(Bespoke Marathon Training Plan)

Ellie; 4th November 2019

It was really hard and I had to dig very deep, but absolutely thrilled with our time. It was lovely weather and good crowds, but I started aching from about mile 8 and from mile 18 I felt very tight. We did pretty well with our splits though and the final result was amazing.


Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done that without you! 

(Online Coaching)

Josh; 16th Dec 2019


It was really interesting to have my running form broken down and analysed, especially through having it shown back to me in slow motion video so I could understand the areas that needed improvement and why.


Alexa was really knowledgeable and explained everything in the right amount of detail so i could implement changes to my running straight away. I do feel in a short amount of time that i have already noticed a difference.

(Technique Analysis Session)

Nick; 7th Feb 2020

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?

No thought required about how I should train. I just do what the plan says. It fitted me and my goals perfectly from where I was at the start, and has moved me on in small, safe steps.

Any other comments?

It's perfectly matched my goals, kept me from doing too little or too much, injury free. I am a complete convert to this approach above using generic online plans.

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Benedicte; 28th June 2020


Really knowledgeable coach. Easy to talk to & bring confidence within her clients.

(Running Technique Analysis)

Zoe; 23rd January 2019

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?


Fitted in really well around my already hectic schedule, and the plan was really well adapted to what I need. I love how personalised it is compared to a generic online plan, having it really keeps me motivated..

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Zoe; 4th April 2019


The training plan you provided me has been really effective, I’ve noticed improvement continuously and got my 10km and even 5km PB during this training plan.

(Bespoke Half Marathon Training Plan)

Leanne; 18th April 2019

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?

That it was suited to my needs and requirements and not "off the shelf"


Any other comments?

I loved following the plan and ticking the weeks off.

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Anwen; 1st May 2019


I've enjoyed the training, and the plan was great to follow. 


Sunday was hard, as expected; I was hoping for sub 5 hours and came in at 4:46:22, which Im very pleased about.

(Bespoke Marathon Training Plan)

Anwen; 1st May 2019


I've enjoyed the training, and the plan was great to follow. 


Sunday was hard, as expected; I was hoping for sub 5 hours and came in at 4:46:22, which Im very pleased about.

(Bespoke Marathon Training Plan)

Amy; 8th October 2019

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?    Alexa wrote a plan that was realistic for me to achieve with other life commitments. I enjoyed the mix of short and long runs. The descriptions for what I needed to achieve for each run were clear. I felt confident that I would be ready to do my first marathon by then end of it - and I was!


Any other comments?    It was really useful to have guidance on stretching and strengthening as well! Thank you

(Bespoke Marathon Training Plan)

Matt; 25th Nov 2019


Just a quick message to let you know how I did at the Hardwolds 80 on Saturday. I finished 6th male, 7th overall from about 150 in a time of 16hrs 41. Pace was just over 12 minutes per mile. Conditions were fairly awful but I knew the course well and my nutrition was spot on. Thank you for the training plan. It really worked! I will be recommending you for sure.

(Bespoke Training Plan and ongoing support)

Hayley; 4th Jan 2020

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say a massive, huge, enormous and any other descriptive word for big THANK YOU!!! I have finally smashed that 30 minute 5k!! 


For a change my watch and official time match - 28:34. I honestly didn't think I would beat it by over a minute and would've been happy with 29:59 in all honesty! 


So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!


A very happy Hayley :D 

(Online Coaching)

Toby; 4th Mar 2020


What did you value most about having a tailored plan?    


Having a longer term plan made training seem easier. Runs were well spaced. Strengthening was a bonus.

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Carlie; 6th Nov 2020

I thought I would email you to say thank you. You created a 12 week training plan for me in August. And I have loved it. I now enjoy running and I have done my fastest 5k and 10k since doing the plan.


Thank you so much

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Harrie; 14th Dec 2020

What did you value most about these sessions? Very helpful analysis and tips for run form.

Any other comments? Helpful and applicable coaching advice, and a very nice person.

(In personal coaching session)

Andy; 4th August 2021


What did you value most about having a tailored plan?:

The plan did a good job of holding me back to make sure that I progressed at the right level and did not over train.

Any other comments?:

I’m much more motivated to Stick to a plan when it’s been done by a person not an app

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Samantha; 28 Sept 2021

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?

It being personalised just for me and my goal, within my capabilities

Any other comments?

Just thank you to Alexa, I’m really very grateful for all of your help.

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Francesca; 19th Jan 2021


What did you value most about these sessions? 


I had a nice time with Alexa, she was very kind. I found her suggestions very useful + she replied to all my answers + she gave me self-confidence

(In person coaching session)

Lucy; 27 Sept 2021

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?:

We built up slowly from my severe lack of fitness post-covid to running a marathon!


Any other comments?

Alexa was so kind and very responsive - highly recommend her!

(Bespoke Training Plan)

feedback Katie.jpg
Hannah; 5th October 2021


What did you value most about having a tailored plan?

Alexa built all my personal considerations into the plan.

Any other comments?

I’ve really enjoyed the training plan. It was successful in preparing me for the marathon with no risk of injury. The mixture of distance, time and strength training all helped to condition my body to achieve my goal. The plan had a perfect balance of being achievable and challenging.
I’m certain this plan allowed me to continue running non stop and enjoy race day because I was prepared appropriately.
It was an excellent plan and I couldn’t recommend enough.

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Cheryl; 18 Oct 2021

What did you value most about having a tailored plan?

It allowed me to fit the running around all the other cross training I do. It was a much lower mileage plan than friends followed but was perfect alongside my strength work. PB at every distance this year and a marathon I enjoyed!

(Bespoke Training Plan)

Christopher; 6th Jan 2022

Your Coach: 5 out of 5

The Plan: 5 out of 5 

What did you value most about having a tailored plan? The structure and variety of runs to achieve my goal and keeping the training interesting.

Did you achieve the goal you had in mind? Yes

(Bespoke Training Plan)

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Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 17.37.34.png
Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 08.24.02.png
Kat; 5th Dec 2022

Many thanks for a great MOT session and insightful report. I found both really helpful and will implement your recommendations into my training.

(Runners MOT Technique Analysis Session)

Jo; 9th November 2022


I engaged your services back in November 2019 as I wanted to add sone consistency to my training, to prevent injury and to help me achieve my goal of qualifying to represent England Masters at marathon distance.


I liked your approach as you took time to get to know me, my motivations and my lifestyle to make sure that my training plan suited me and was achievable with what else was going on in my life at the time. If anything came up the plan was flexible to enable that. I liked the fact that there were weeks of different training blocks I.e. speed, endurance and rest weeks! I just needed to trust the process and follow the plan!


We had a monthly catch which was good to talk about how the last month had gone and to plan for the next month for what I wanted to achieve.  In between these catch ups I liked the weekly email touch points to see how things were going and provide support and advice.  


You were always super supportive and if I had had a bad week with low motivation and didn’t achieve my full training plan, you would understand and help me get back on track.

(Online Coaching)

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 16.21.35.png
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 09.49.48.png
Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 08.48.15.png
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Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 16.08.28.png
Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 17.38.57.png
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 16.43.17.png
Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 08.13.19.png
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 08.52.54.png
Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 15.36.40.png
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 07.44.17.png
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 16.43.30.png
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