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Why do you run?

When I work with a new runner I often like to ask them about their running; and within that conversation it's pretty common for them to talk about, or for me to ask about, why they run, or what they enjoy about running. I work with a wide range of different runners so their thoughts are often varied and always interesting. I thought I'd share a few common topics here :)

Being fit and healthy

Getting fitter, being more active, being an inspiration for their children are all topics that come up. That feeling of being about to do more, improve a health condition perhaps or being able to keep up with the kids on a day out. Many people underestimate how important these things are! You don't have to be pushing the pace or distance to reap the benefits either, read more here;

Goals, times and distances

Running is a great sport for setting SMART goals (a topic for a future blog post perhaps!). You can clearly define and work towards a distance or time goal, and with plenty of races you have a target date to aim for too! Apps and watches allow us to track out progress towards these goals with stats, giving a sense of achievement as you train.

Races and events

Not only to races and events make great goals they are also a great way to connect with other runners, explore new routes and have a fun time together as a group :)


Talking of connecting with other runners; parkrun, races, running clubs and groups and even passing and waving to other runners who are out is a lovely way to connect with other humans.

Mental health and me time

Those connections with other humans, the physilca activity and the time spent outwide running at all great boosters to mental health. I have so many runners tell me that their runs are their "me time" without the pressure of work, the responsibility of family and time away from the stresses of life :)

The long run

For me the best bit of running if the long run; planning a route, heading out on an adventure, having time to myself and my thoughts, being outdoors, enjoying my local trail routes along the river or into the woods. Perfect!

A sunny woodland scene

What's your favourite thing about running?

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