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What is Sports Massage?

What is sports and remedial massage?

Massage treats the soft tissues, including muscles, fascia and tendons, to help speed recovery, relieve pain and improve posture and movement. A range of techniques from traditional massage, to working on trigger points and more movement based therapies are used in the sessions.

Sports and Remedial Massage has many benefits for those who are involved in sport at any level. From helping to reduce swelling, to event preparation and assisting recovery massage is a great way to improve your sporting performance.

It’s not all about sport though. Massage therapists work with people from all walks of life with pain or dysfunction caused by any aspect of life. For example back pain, poor posture and headaches can all be caused by too much time spend sitting and massage can help address these issues.

A well qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, like me, has the knowledge of anatomy, injuries and illness to be able to work alongside Doctors, Physiotherapists and other practitioners to support successful treatment. I am qualified to assess injuries, use advanced treatment techniques and provide remedial exercises and advice to support recovery.

Let’s also not forget that by working with you to relax your muscles massage can have a very calming and de-stressing effect. It helps your mind get into balance with your body.

What is a massage session like?

I'll start with taking some history, then assessing your posture, how you move or some of your muscles and joints.

The treatment involves a range of techniques, some where you are still, others where you have to move. Treatment can take place sitting, standing, or lying on your front, back or side.

I'll always give you advice on self care, and possibly also exercises to do at the end of your session.

What should I wear to a massage?

For best results I massage directly onto the skin. For this it’s best to wear “big” underwear, or stretchy shorts. Ladies please wear a normal bra, not a sports bra as these are easier to undo and adjust if required. I can massage through clothes if needed and I’ll always keep the areas not being worked under a towel.

Picture of my massage room

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