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Race Mindset Tips

Race Mindset! A few things to ponder on to help prep for an upcoming race, and control any nerves and any other emotions that might be floating around :)

This website's “performance zone” has great blog posts, tool kits and advice on things like building confidence and working to reduce pre race nerves etc;

Here are some of my favourite ways to keep our brains happier over the next week and a bit and on race day;

Process not outcome - focus on what you can do each hour/day to help your performance on race day. Re-direct any worries about the race into useful things you can do right this minute to help; are you hydrated, have you got a healthy meal planned for later, have you sorted your nutrition plan for the race. This works for race day too, the morning of the race focus on what you can do in that moment to help you when you are running. What can you do in that first 5k to help you feel better at the end of the race etc.

Chunking up the run - break up the marathon distance into chunks and focus on the bit you are in. It can be in km, miles or minutes, whatever works for you. I quite like tying the chunks in with my nutrition plan, just focus on the section between now and my next snack/gel. It ties in with the advice about too, focus only on the chunk you are in and pacing, fuelling, hydrating and relaxing your shoulders etc as much as you can, then focus on the next chunk.

Positive self talk - we can be negative with ourselves sometimes. So instead focus on talking to yourself like you would a friend with you are running with. Say well done, focus on the positives, distract yourself looking for great supporter signs, other charity tops, marshals to thank etc

Zooming in and zooming out - I like this to help my brain focus on things separate from the race to put things into perspective. Zoom right in on tiny details to focus your mind; the road surface, the colours of other runners shoes, any music you can hear in the distance, the smell of a passing restaurant etc. Or zoom right out, think about that “Eastenders” view of London, the river, the UK, the sea or mountains, the world - to put you and what you are doing into a smaller perspective.

Sepia coloured sketch of a brain

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