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Post Run Stretching Routine

I thought I'd share my go to post run stretching routine. You may well have your own stretches that help with areas you know get particularly tight, if that's working stick with it! It's always worth including any stretches you've been given by a physio too.

Tips - Hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds

- Don’t “bounce” in the stretch, hold still

- Remember to do both sides!

Upper Body

- Arms up stretch, banana bending over to each side

- Side to side arm swing including a hold either side, keeping the arms nice and loose

- Hands on your lower back, pulling your elbows closer together behind you to stretch the chest

Standing on one leg

- Heel to bum quad stretch, tuck tail bone under so you feel the stretch all the way up to across the hip, keeping the knees together - Shin (just above the ankle) rests above opposite knee, squat with standing leg, flex the ankle so the toes move towards the shin and push top knee away to stretch glutes

Standing stretches

- Lunge forwards and tuck tail bone under and shift your weight forwards to stretch the hip flexors across the front of the hip

- Short step forwards, front leg straight, hinge forward at hips to stretch hamstrings. Keep the foot flat on the floor

- Long step sideways, lunge to one side to stretch inner thigh

Leaning on a wall

- Calf stretch with back leg straight

- Calf stretch with back knee slightly bent

- Curl toes of back leg up the back of the other heel, then stretch the calf by shifting weight forwards and bending both knees. This is easier to do with soft soled shoes on (like trainers or running shoes)

And to finish - Roll down slowly one vertebra at a time to touch your toes, let the arms and head go floppy. Roll back up slowly and with control, re-stacking your spine.

You can follow me through this routine in a video here;

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