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Post Race Recovery

Some quick tips on post race recovery - this focusses on the marathon as an example race.

I’m here today to remind you to take recovery seriously after a race, not just this week but for the next 3-4 weeks (that’s how long it takes for you to fully recover from a marathon!).

Your muscles will be healed up towards the end of the first week post race because they have a great blood supply to bring all the building blocks to recover; they also complain the most as they have a great nerve supply! Remember that our joints, bones, tendons and ligaments recover on a much longer timescale, they just don’t complain that much, so please do take it easy.

Things that will help recovery;

  • sleep!

  • relaxing, inactive rest time (read a good book, watch a calming / fun TV programme etc)

  • eating high quality protein and vitamin and mineral rich foods - these are what your body uses to recover

  • keeping gently moving, not too much time spent still. Gentle stretching, walking, cycling or swimming, all really easy, this week will help :)

  • I wouldn’t try to run until next week at the earliest and even then take it super gently and keep it really short for those 3-4 weeks of recovery time

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