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Glute Stability Training for Runners

Have you ever noticed your feet flicking out as you run? Or perhaps your shoes graze past the inside of your calves or you get knee pain when running?

Strengthening your stabilising your glutes muscles will help you, and any runner looking to improve their strength for running!

For all these exercises start with 8-10 reps and build to 12-15 reps, rest for 30 seconds and repeat twice more. So you do three sets of each exercise. For those where you hold the movement start at 30 seconds and build from there.

Focus on good form, if you are unable to keep to the form cues then stop. Do the exercises slowly and with control, this is more effective than a fast approach and will mean you are more likely to be doing them right!

If you can it’s useful to have a mirror nearby so you can check your form for the exercises.

Sideways Band Walk

  • Stand with your feet hips width apart and (if you have one) a resistance band around your legs just above the knees

  • Keeping a slight bend in both knees step one foot out to the side and then back in, slowly and with control

  • Do the same with the other side

  • Keep the knees slightly bent throughout and it’s important that the knees keep pointing forwards, not rotating inwards or outwards. Doing the exercises in front of a mirror helps with this

If you don’t have a resistance band;

  • Stand side on to a sofa or radiator, bend the knee nearest the surface to lift the foot off the ground. Bend the knee of the other leg slightly

  • Press the side of the knee into the sofa/radiator firmly, and hold for up to 30 seconds. The leg you are standing on will be working hard to stop you from moving

Toe Taps

  • Standing on one leg with a slight bend in that knee

  • Slowly tap your other foot out behind you and back (your torso will lean slightly forwards here)

  • Then tap your foot out and back at a 45 degree angle

  • Then tap your foot out to the side

  • Keep the muscles in the bum switched on a squeeze them with each movement

  • It’s really good if you have a resistance band around your knees that you can use for this exercise but you can do it without


  • Lying on your side, if you can use the edge of a matt, rug or a wall as a straight line to line up against.

  • To start you want your spine and pelvis along that straight line and your knees bent so the soles of your feet are also on the same line

  • Lift and lower the knee, keeping the feet together and without moving to tilting the pelvis

  • Then move the knees upwards so your hips and knees are at 90 degrees, again lift and lower the top knee without moving the pelvis

  • If this is too easy add a resistance band around the legs just above the knees

Side Leg Lifts

  • Still lying on your side along that straight line, bend the bottom leg for balance and put your top land on the floor

  • It’s even more important to keep the pelvis completely still here and not hitch it up

  • Lift and lower your top leg as high as you can without the pelvis/back moving. Only the leg should be moving from the hip socket


  • Lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground near your hips and knees bent. Shoulders and arms are relaxed on the floor

  • Switch on the glute muscles by squeezing the bum and lift your hips so that your knees, hips and shoulders are in a straight line. Slowly lower back down

  • Keep the knees and feet hip width apart, and the knees shouldn’t move side to side

  • The pelvis should keep level, not dipping to one side of wobbling side to side

  • To make this more difficult you can add weight on top of your hips; hold on to it though as it may slide towards your face when you lift your hips!

  • If you have a resistance band you can pop that around your knees

  • Or, once you’ve mastered these, you can start to move one foot further away so the leg that remains close does more work and gradually build up to doing them on one leg. The key here is to keep that pelvis perfectly level!

You can view a video version of this session here

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