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Covid 19 and Running

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

In this blog post I’m hoping to create a set of information and resources relating to running and Covid-19. If you find anything you think I’ve missed let me know!

The impact of covid-19 vaccines on athletes and those with a high training load;

Returning to running or exercise after having had Covid 19;

The impact on your psychology of the changes and unknowns around running, racing and goals;

Tips on how to cope as an athlete and runner;

A good summary of the impact of the virus on running (USA specific aspects to the article)

This physiotherapist is sharing home workout suggestions for endurance athletes;

I've had questions about the impact of training on the immune system especially longer periods of intense training; some thoughts.

The science isn't 100% cut and dry on this. There are some studies that show there is a small dip in immune system function after sessions that involve long period of intense effort - e.g. long threshold reps. Also some evidence to show that peak training blocks, e.g. final block of high distance and intensity before a race, can also have a more prolonged impact on the immune system. However this is relative - if that training is normal for you then it won't have any/as big an impact.

General consensus is that the immune system benefits of training outweighs these risks, but it's probably best not to start training really hard for extended periods of time now if you've not done it before; to err on the side of caution.

A nice article that gives more information is here;

I've recoded a couple of videos; one on the impact of covid19 and lockdown on routine;

And another on the impact it's had on our mindset and brain;

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