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Desk Mobility Exercises

Do you sit working at a desk or driving all day? Here are some exercises to do that can help keep you mobile and healthy; to undo the effects of the seated posture.

Shoulder Rolls

Rolling your shoulders up, back and down. You can do this whilst sat, at home, out and about - any time!

Backward Arm Circles

Big, slow, backward arm circles to stretch out the front of your chest. Can be done whilst running or in a short break away from your desk.

Chest Stretch

Place your hand on the wall just above your shoulder and stretch across the front of your chest. A good post run cool down stretch as well as a nice chest opener after some time at a desk or driving.

Hip Flexor Stretch

This hip flexor stretch is great post run, and you can do a standing version in the office when you take a break from your desk

Getting your desk set up checked can help reduce the impact of sitting on your body, but the best thing to do is have move break and move around more often. Find out more about how sitting can impact your body and what you can do about it here;

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