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Running Coaching 


As an experienced coach and runner I can help you improve your running, tweak your technique and acheive your running goals.

Sports and Remedial Massage 


I work closely with you to treat pain, niggles, aches as well as sporting injuries with massage techniques, to help you achieve your aims for life as well as sport.

Nutrition Advice


Whether you want to lose some weight or find out more about how to support your training with the right nutrition I can help guide you to a healthy diet.

Tel: 07557 852600

Reading UK



Coach in Running Fitness; Endurance Event Group (UK Athletics)

Lowland Leader (Mountain Training)


Expedition Leader (Mountain Training)

Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy from London School of Sports Massage

Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management; including Sports Nutrition

First Aid at Work in an outdoor environment

Mental Health First Aid

Rocktape Kinesiology Taping "RocDoc"

Meet Alexa


I am a running coach, lowland and expedition leader, sport massage therapist and nutrition adviser who's passionate about helping you improve your speed, endurance, technique, health and fitness.


I'm a keen runner on road, track and trails. I love being out and moving through countryside, be that pushing the limits in ultra distance events or the quiet calm of a day out in the hills and woods.

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Running Coach

Sports Massage


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