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Foot and Ankle Strength

A phrase I often use when coaching is "running is standing on one leg at speed". Running works our feet and ankles hard, due to the impact, the balancing and the high forces involved. So it's useful to work on foot and ankle strength as a runners. Here are some simple exercises to try;

Ankle Circles

Whilst say down circle each foot slowly in one direction and then the other. Concentrate to make sure the toes are drawing a circle, not a jolty hexagon - this takes practice!

Standing On One Leg

Practice standing on one leg. Build up to 1 minute on each side with minimal wobbling, then you can add in some challenges;

- Turn your head from side to side

- Spelling your name with the foot that's off the ground (to move your centre of gravity)

- Try closing your eyes!

Theraband Exercises

Use an elastic theraband in your hands or attached to a table leg to work on strength;

- point and flex your foot against the resistance

- turn/roll your foot inwards and outwards against the resistance

Heel Raises

Go from standing normally to standing on your tip toes. You can make this more challenging by progressing to doing it standing on one leg!

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